Arturo Stanig is a photographer based in New York City.

Arturo’s images mix abstraction and documentarian realism. The synthesis of photographic genres comes through as associations of visual perceptions: a hermetic voyage through landscapes, concept and portraits as states of mind.


2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Selected Publications and Shows

2021 March-April, Semiotic Collisions, Licht Und Fire, New York, NY

2020 May-June, View Room, Noire Gallery, Torino, Italy

2020 March, Der Spiegel, Sitzdusche für die Coronakrise

2019 October, Les Echos Week-end, Larry Gagosian, le maestro des galeries

2019 October, „Siri, das war früher die Fee aus dem Märchen“, brand eins

2019 May, Exposition Review Vol. IV: Wonder, “Rendezvous City”

2018 March, Les Echos Week-End, “Un philosophe islamique face à la radicalisation

2016 July, Dazed & Confused, “Talking the future of GHE20G0TH1K with Venus X

2014 September, Nylon Guys, “On the Record: J Mascis”


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